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bio_jmasseyIf you are looking for a local Georgia personal injury lawyer you can trust, then you are in the right place. Jackson Massey has deep roots in the Augusta area. He grew up in Waynesboro, went to college and then law school in Macon.

He lives and works in the Augusta area. This is his community and he knows and loves her and her people.

Augusta Car Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

Mr. Massey has limited his practice to personal injury, so when you retain Jackson Massey as your attorney you know your case is being handled by someone who is extremely knowledgeable in the arena of personal injury law. He has dedicated his law firm to helping those who have been wrongly injured.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury due to the fault of another party, it is extremely important that you take action quickly. If you believe you have a case, feel free to contact our firm today as we are more than willing to consult with you. Don’t hesitate, take action now, as we are always ready to receive your phone call.

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At our law firm, Jackson Massey personally makes sure you are treated with respect and compassion and that your case gets the prompt attention it deserves. When you are injured in an accident the injury changes your whole lifestyle. Not only are you suffering physically, your vehicle is probably out of commission for a while and you may suffer lost wages and mounting medical bills.

Plus, the accident not only affects you, but your loved ones as well. Mr. Massey knows all of this. That is why he desires for your priority to be receiving the rest and medical help you need to get well and to leave the worry of dealing with the insurance company and their representatives to him.

Personal Injury Attorney Augusta GA

Once you have contacted our law firm and expressed the desire to retain Mr. Massey as your attorney we will schedule you an appointment at your earliest convenience to come to the office. If you are not able to come to the office Mr. Massey will have a representative come to you within 12-24 hours or sooner.

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If you are looking for a local attorney, to handle your case, give Jackson Massey a call. With his many years of experience helping people just like you with their Georgia personal injury claims he has become known and respected by hundreds of insurance adjusters and their legal representatives.

Time and time again he has battled through the toughest of cases to make sure his clients receive the compensation they deserve. Remember, when it comes to your legal rights there is no compromise. The sooner Mr. Massey gets started on your claim the sooner you will have peace of mind and the sooner you will received your compensation. So don’t delay, call today.

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I am glad it is over with! I thank God first and I thank Mr. Massey for the guidance to see me through this.
I would highly recommend this firm to my friends and any-one who needs assistance with a case.

My experience with Jackson Massey was a very pleasant one. From the moment I met with the legal representative I knew that this business was set up by God. I loved the fact that they pray about everything. The service is speedy and efficient. If I have need of another lawyer Jackson Massey will be my choice!!! Thanks Mr. Massey!